Stairs are the tools we use to make our job easier when we want to reach a high place. In addition to the small sizes used in our homes, there are different types according to industrial needs.
One-sided folding ladder and double-sided folding ladder with the brand Ellipse and Wing are produced. Our KANAT brand products are EN-131 certified, manufactured in EU standards and exported to EU countries.
These products, which are multi-purpose and useful; It can be used for industrial purposes, especially in our homes. So what are the features of these stairs? From which materials is it made? Here are the details:

Ellipse Galvanized Profile Ladder

Elips Profile Galvanized ladder is suitable for daily use with its multifunctional, safe and light structure and design. In this stair with different step options, the number of steps is available in the options you want from 2 to 10. The design of this ladder is designed as "A type, one-sided exit". The steps are produced by using sheet metal, and the feet by using profile and galvanized coating.
With its foldable and easy to carry feature, you can take it anywhere and save space.
Features Of The Ladder
*Safe, high-tech riveting
*It is foldable, lightweight and easy to carry.
*Multifunctional plastic tool tray.
*Safe, durable and wide steps.
*It is suitable for professionals and home use.
*Anti-slip steps and plastic wedges,
*Multifunctional large top step.
*Galvanized coating.
*Vacuum transparent packaging.

Ellipse 2 Double Sided Galvanized Profile Ladder 

Ellipse 2 Double Sided Galvanized Profile Ladder, which is suitable for home use with its wide steps and foldable structure, is made of galvanized sheet-profile.
These products have different productions from 2 steps to 9 steps. Ellipse Stairs are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Ellipse 2 Double Sided Galvanized Profile Ladder, which is easy to carry, does not take up much space when it is closed. It has an ergonomic structure with its double-sided output.
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