Electic Wheelbarrows

Wheelbarrowsare in the category of vehicles with a wide range of products in the sector. More care should be taken when choosing, as more heavy work is done with wheelbarrows. Its durability and functionality should be prioritized when choosing. It can be used for transportation in many ways, including sand, seed fertilizer, soil, and liquid materials in construction and gardening. Users make choices according to their purpose. Care should be taken to choose the most suitable model.

Wheelbarrows can be classified into several subcategories, such as unassembled wheelbarrows, wheeled type wheelbarrows, and electric wheelbarrows. The provincial feature that comes to mind when it comes to wheelbarrows is their durability as well as their light weight. Electric wheelbarrows come into play from this point on. It helps to carry weight easily and faster.

Features of Electric Wheelbarrows

Kanat Electric Wheelbarrowsare extra-powered products with 500W integrated engine power. It offers easy transport possibilities used in its grip and carrying apparatus. It minimizes the load rate with its ergonomic design and 3-wheel feature. It is a supportive product that you can get things done quickly and easily. Kanat Electroplast is capable of carrying in many different combinations, as well as 48V integrated on 10" wheels, with a 500W electric motor that accelerates at speeds of 3-6 km. In addition to having a net carrying capacity of 150 kg and being able to move back and forth, it provides strong braking performance and safe driving in heavy loads with its drum braking system. In addition, 36V and 48V capacity lithium battery option is offered according to different needs and provides planned operation with battery status indicator on the vehicle.

Kanat Electroplast's ergonomic design and triple wheel system provide professional support for all of your light transport work by projecting minimal load on the user.

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