The Kanat group that cares about quality and price balance started to produce wheelbarrows in the direction of the demands from our customers and took its place in construction, agriculture and garden tools sector.

In 1994, for the first time in Turkey, with the desire to open the brand spreading throughout the world markets, Kanat Group exported wheelbarrows in packed and unassembled way. 


Again in those years, we started to build a modern factory on 22.000 mt2 area which is located at the 7th km on the e-90 highway which is our main address.


The number of countries exported increased as well as the product variety. With the launch of a new factory in 2007 in line with new demands, the production of profile ladders started.


With the same quality and dedication, the Kanat group which started production of ironing board and laundry dryers with a modern factory established in the area of 16.000 square meters in Aksaray organized industrial zone in 2013 also entered the Household sector with this way.


Having participated in nearly 300 fairs both at domestic and abroad and exhibiting its products, the Kanat, which is the company that participated most in the sector, has become a world brand.


With its emphasis on promotional and advertising activities, our company, operating in the manufacturing sector, is approaching half a century, has gained the chance to compete in the global market with its many years of experience.






For the permanent and sustaInable success of KANAT Group in the first place; Who are among the leading companies in the world and who are active in every field in which we operate, who are constantly developing with technological innovations, producing quality products that meet the expectations of the customers, adding satisfaction to their customers and employees, To be a global company, beneficial to your country.



To produce all the products with quality we offer to our customers, to offer them at reasonable prices and to deliver them in the fastest way; To grow with profitability and to continue to grow and to add value to the lives of everyone who works with us

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