Portable Stock Cage

Portable Stock Cage

Designed for use in fast and serial load handling, it is delivered ready for use to meet any requirements.                                                                                            
Portable, easy to carry, detachable wings, different size options are offered.
It is usually used for transporting voluminuous and light loads.It is frequently used in transport operations especially in the textile sector.
Other areas of use; Libraries, courthouse buildings, cargo carrier companies.Carrying capacity is 350 kg and it can be produced in different sizes and volumes depending on the demands.It's stage can be produced with sheet coated and uncoated.32x1.5 mm pipe and 1,5 mm sheet steel used for durability. All wheels can turn 360 degrees and can be adjusted easily.                                                                                                
Painting process with different colors is done with electrostatic powder coating.
Product Code Wheel Type Pipe Thickness

Sizes (cm)

Wheel Unit (lt)  Weight (gr) Color
KD-121 ø 12cm 32 x 1.50mm 60x100x150 4 30

Tubeless Tyre-Bearing

32 x 1.50mm 75x130x155 4 35



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