are designed to be used in many different areas and delivered ready to use in order to meet any demands that may be needed.Portable, easy to carry, foldable, with different wheel options.
You can easily transport your goods in your workplace, depot, hospitals, hotels, student dormitories, public transportation centers.The carrying capacity is 350 kg and it can be produced in different sizes and volumes depending on the demands.The floors of the two- and three-storey models were laid-out using MDF.
This model is designed to serve meals.
It meets the needs of cargo companies in particular.32x1.5 mm pipe and 1,5 mm sheet steel were used for durability.The front wheels are stationary, the rear wheels can turn 360 degrees and can be adjusted easily.
Product Code Wheel Type Shelf Unit Pipe Thickness

Sizes (cm)

Wheel Unit (lt) Weight (gr) Color
KD-511 ø 12cm   32 x 1.50 mm 64*104*100 4 22.00
KD-515 ø 12cm 2 32 x 1.50 mm 64*100*106 4 28.20
KD-520 ø 12cm 3 32 x 1.50 mm 64*100*106 4 33.00



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