Kanat Fort Galvanized Unasembled Wheelbarrow

Kanat Fort Galvanized Unasembled Wheelbarrow

TLT-731 Tüplas Burçlu (335-7) Tubeless Tyre Wheel
TLT-732 Tüplas Rulmanlı (335-7) Tubeless Tyre Wheel
SLT-741 Havalı Tekerlek (350-7) Pneumatic Tyre Type
SLT-742 Havalı Avrupa Tipi (350-7) Pneumatic European Type
SLT-743 Havalı Tekerlek (400-8) Pneumatic Tyre Wheel
PDT-753 Poliüretan Dolgu (400-8) Polyurethane Solid
SLT-744 Havalı Tekerlek Parmak Jantlı (400-8) Pneumatic Tyre - Spoked Rim
KDT-751 Kauçuk Dolgu Teker Parmak Jantlı (400-8) Solid Tyre - Spoked Rim

Kanat Fort Galvanized Unassembled Wheelbarrows are designed and developed for the construction, horticultural, and livestock sectors and manufactured using stainless 1st class galvanized sheet metal.


There are tubeless bushing, tubeless bearings, pneumatic wheel, and solid rubber wheel types in accordance with the purpose of use. The thickness of the sheet is 0.80 mm the weight varies between 13.00 kilos and 16.50 kilos. Kanat Fort Galvanized Unsassembled Wheelbarrows have an 80 lt volume and 150 kg carrying capacity.


Chassis electro-static oven-dyed Kanat Fort Galvanized Unassembled Wheelbarrows will add color to your business with the gray option in addition to the strong carrying quality.


It minimizes the risk of distortion and disfigurement against bumps and bends with its special edge fold.


In addition to ease of transportation and storage, it provides the wholesaler, retailer, and end-user with ample possibilities and flexibility in choosing models. 


32x1.5 mm Chassis

Product Code Wheel Code Tray Thickness Tray Dimensions (cm) Capacity (lt) Weight Colour
KFD-253 SLT-741 0.90 mm 85x57x27 100 14.65
KFD-254 SLT-742 0.90 mm 85x57x27 100 14.50
KFD-257 SLT-741 0.70 mm 85x57x27 100 13.60
KFD-258 SLT-742 0.70 mm 85x57x27 100 13.45


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