Kanat Megaplast Wheelbarrow

Kanat Megaplast Wheelbarrow

TLT-731 Tüplas Burçlu (335-7) Tubeless Tyre Wheel
TLT-732 Tüplas Rulmanlı (335-7) Tubeless Tyre Wheel
SLT-741 Havalı Tekerlek (350-7) Pneumatic Tyre Type
SLT-742 Havalı Avrupa Tipi (350-7) Pneumatic European Type
SLT-743 Havalı Tekerlek (400-8) Pneumatic Tyre Wheel
PDT-753 Poliüretan Dolgu (400-8) Polyurethane Solid
SLT-744 Havalı Tekerlek Parmak Jantlı (400-8) Pneumatic Tyre - Spoked Rim
KDT-751 Kauçuk Dolgu Teker Parmak Jantlı (400-8) Solid Tyre - Spoked Rim

It is designed and developed mainly for the transport of manure and silage in livestock, and horticulture. Plastic strength and ergonomic case design close to steep dimensions that increase its transport with its large volume of 100 liters, it is suitable for intensive use in hobbies, and garden, and livestock.


Kanat Megaplast is produced from original plastic raw material with high strength and elasticity and does not lose this flexibility and strength up to -40 and 40 degrees. Usage tests have shown that it is 40% more flexible and durable than conventional products in impact and fall tests with the same durability as sheet metal and galvanized wheelbarrows.


Especially in livestock, metal case melts caused by acid due to silage and fertilizer transport are not seen in plastic cases due to their structure and are much more resistant to metal melting and abrasions.


The chassis part is electro-static oven-dying, up to 150 kg the carrying capacity with a thickness of 1.20 sheet metal. The case edges have a special curve for the durability and aesthetics of our cases,  and our Kanat MEGAPLAST wheelbarrows are offered to our customers in orange color and pipe feet.

Product Code Wheel Type Tray Thickness Foot Tray Dimensions(cm) Capacity(lt) Weight Colour
KMP-001 Tüplas Burçlu (335x7) 1,20 mm Boru Ayak 85x55x27 100 13.00
KMP-002 Tüplas Rulmanlı (335x7) 1.20 mm Boru Ayak 85x55x27 100 13,40
KMP-003 Şişme Teker Avrupa Tipi (350x7) 1.20 mm Boru Ayak 85x55x27 100 12.50



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