It can be used on worldwide. We can supply with different size, rim type, bushing or bearing. Rim thickness is 0,90 mm.
Pneumatic tyres are with bearing.
Product Code  Wheel Type Sizes(cm)
TLT-731 Tubeless Tyre-Bushing 335-7
TLT-732 Tubeless Tyre-Bearing 335-7
SLT-741 Pneumatic Tyre 350-7
KDT-751 Solid Tyre-Spoked Rim 15-3
KDT-752 Solid Tyre-Spoked Rim 15-2,5
SLT-742 Pneumatic Tyre, European Type 350-7
SLT-743 Pneumatic Tyre 400-8
SLT-744 Pneumatic Tyre-Spoked Rim 400-8



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