KANAT MEGA GALVANIZED Unassembled Wheelbarrow is a new 100-liter European model that our company has designed and started production. It has been designed, developed and manufactured for the construction, horticulture and livestock sectors and it is manufactured using 1st grade galvanized sheet made of stainless steel.                                          

KANAT MEGA GALVANIZED Unassembled Wheelbarrow has Tubeless Bushing, Tubeless Bearing, Pneumatic and rubber wheel types with metal and spoke rim types. It has 0.90 mm tray thickness. Foot type is pipe. It has 85x55x27 cm tray dimensions and 100 lt capacity and 150 kgs moving capacity                                                                                                                      

With it's special edge fold, it reduce the risk and deformities minimum level against distortion and bending. Our developed products take place in a wide range of products which are increasing day by day and are presented to you with durable materials and quality assembly.                                                                            

32x1.5 mm Chassis

Product Code  Wheel Type  Tray Thickness  Foot  Tray Dimensions (cm) Capacity (lt) Weight Colour 
KMGD-541 Tubeless Bushing (335x7) 0.90 mm Pipe 85x55x27 100 14,30
KMGD-542 Tubeless Bearing (335x7) 0.90 mm Pipe 85x55x27 100 14,50
KMGD-543 Pneumatic (350x7) 0.90 mm Pipe 85x55x27 100 13,10
KMGD-544 Rubber Spoke Rim (15x3) 0.90 mm Pipe 85x55x27 100 17,10
KMGD-545 Rubber Spoke Rim (15x2,5) 0.90 mm Pipe 85x55x27 100 15,30  
KMGD-546 Pneumatic , European Type (350x7) 0.90 mm Pipe 85x55x27 100 13,30  
KMGD-547 Pneumatic (400x8) 0.90 mm Pipe 85x55x27 100 13,40  
KMGD-548 Pneumatic Spoke Rim (400x8) 0.90 mm Pipe 85x55x27 100 13,20  


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