Belda Eco Ironing Boards
Belda Eco Ironing Boards
Our Belda Eco Ironing Board model’s table is made of steam permeable perforated sheet.
Table; It has 8 step height adjustment and allows you to use it at your desired height.                                       
Elegant hexagon ironing rest, made of sheet metal. Colorful spangles on ironing rest are produced from incombustible silicone material. These spangles can be changed in harmony of the color of fabrics and plastics.
Optionally; Antenna, power cord, basket and sleeve board are supplied with the product. 
400 gr / m2 first class quality 100% felt is used under the fabrics.
Dyeing process is performed with Electrostatic powder coating. 
You will be able to iron safely thanks to the plastic foot chocks that prevent slipping. 
This product is Useful Model certified.
 Belda Eco Ironing Board Features    
*Adjustable height                                                                                                                                              
*Steam-permeable perforated metal sheet table                                                                                                              
*Colorful, bright, durable and lasting fabric                                                                                                        
*Easy use and incombustible silicone ironing rest                                                                                    
*Electrostatic epoxy powder coating                                                                                                                            
*Plastic foot chock to prevent slipping
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