Novelty Pro Ironing Boards
Novelty Pro Ironing Boards
Novelty Pro model ironing board, produced spesific wide and monoblock sheet metal. Table; Has 8 step height adjustment for ironing in any size.Wide designed angular ironing rest, produced from sheet metal.                                                               Specially designed colored patterns on ironing rest are produced from incombustible silicone material.These patterns can be changed in harmony to fabrics and plastics color.  
To be able to iron easily the shoulders of your clothes,sleeve board apparatus and electric cable are delivered with the product.
Optionally; Antenna and basket can also be delivered.
650 gr / m2 first class quality 100% felt is used under the fabrics.
Painting process is done with electrostatic powder coating.You will be able to iron safely thanks to the plastic foot chocks that prevent slipping. 
The quality and suitability of this product has been tested and certified at TUV laboratories.                                     
Novelty Pro Ironing Board Features                                                  
*Adjustable height                                                                                                                          
*Steam-permeable and wide design monolithic metal sheet table                                                                                                           *Colorful, bright, durable and lasting fabric                                              
*Easy use, incombustible silicone ironing rest                                                                                    
*Electrostatic epoxy powder coating                                                              
*Plastic chock to prevent slipping
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40x122 2


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